Content marketing tips for 2019!

Content Marketing
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To start we need to clear out what content marketing really is. Content marketing is about having a content thats rich, well produced and relevant for your target audience on your platforms. You need to have a content that stands out, involves and gets people interested in your company and what you are showing.

The goal is to be able to be seen online ahead of your competition. In the last few years companies whom are working with business -to-business communication are producing 70% more than they did before, but most of those companies also find it hard to publish the right content. We all want to have the right content that attracts and involves our target audience so that we stand out of the crowd.

To help you reach your marketing targets in 2019, here are 6 tips that will help you improve your content marketing efforts for the following year!

1: It´s all about the story

When you publish new content, you want to get your community interested in what you’re telling, not only in what you’re selling. Even if the goal with the content is to show a new product or to sell services it’s still important for you to create a story that’s interesting for your community to follow.

It’s important that your content is personal. Your target audience wants to know who is behind your brand, and wants to see your personality shine! Knowing the people behind the brand, allows your customers to trust what you’re selling and get behind the brand themselves. They want you to feel like a friend and not just someone that want to sell them a product. Tell them a story that they want to hear first, and then show the product or service that you offer.

2: Create value

Today you have a lot of competitors online, you have to be sure that you stick out from the crowd. The content that you publish has to be interesting, new and be of value for the readers. 

To start a post with “like us” or “share this image” is never a good way to create a relationship with your audience. It’s common that companies asks for these things, however people know when they are being advertised to and tend to ignore the content. If you instead start with giving the audience value, you create an interest and then maybe they will share or like your content anyway. You have to keep in mind that the audience could be potential customers and you always want to have a good relationship with potential customers. 

If you want your potential customers to follow your brand online, you have to give them a reason to follow. People do not follow a brand to be sold to, but to get value from. So creating value in all of your content that is tailored to your community, is key to online growth.

You can create a value in three different ways. Through educational content or entertaining content. Through educational content you teach your community something new, something that they have value of knowing later on. It could be a tutorial about how they can solve a problem. You present the key to an already existing problem. The last way to create value in your content is through laughter and entertainment. People want to be entertained and content that gives them a good time has a value for them. 

3: A video is worth 1.8 million words! 

More and more companies are turning to video marketing, as it is providing the best ROI for more companies. A video is 1200% more effective than text and images … COMBINED!

To post text and pictures online are common but it doesn’t work as good as posting a short video. It’s easier to catch interest from people through video, than from a large piece of text. People are a little bit lazy and prefer  to get things presented to them through a video where they don’t have to put in any effort to consume the content.

It doesn’t need to cost you much to make video content. All you need is a computer and a mobile phone. The value you are offering to your target audience within the video is much more important than the quality of the video. Thanks to Youtube, low quality video is much more acceptable to watch.

Low quality videos with lots of value is a great start, and later, when you have a larger audience, then you can put more time and money into your video production.

4: Go one step further than social media.

Using social media for marketing is a smart and popular way to scale your brand awareness and to make new connections online. We recommend you to use social media platform such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram to grow your business but we also recommend you to go one step further.

The algorithms on all social media platforms change all the time, which makes it hard for business to keep track.  If you are going to use social media, it’s crucial for you to constantly research the various algorithms that are used. This is important so that you know how they work and what they like you to promote.

The issue with social media, is that you don’t actually own your social media pages. Facebook owns your Facebook page, which means they can limit your reach whenever they want to. To make sure that you keep the contact with your audience that you have on your social media platforms, we recommend you to also use email communication. You own your email list and growing your email list means you will always be able to reach out to everyone on it. Try to get your audiences email information so you have contact with them on both social media and email.

When using email as a communiacation strategy you can get even more personal with your audience. One tip is to sort your email connections in various lists, so you know who is working with what and what they are intreseted in. 

Maybe you can use your email communication to send out answers to often asked question in your area. Email communications is perfect for sending out information that is of value for your audiences, at the same time as you have the possibility to be personal and make a connection with them. 

5: Content strategy 

Now you know what kind of content that works best and how you should produce it for the best results. Next tip for your 2019 content marketing is for you to create a content strategy. To have a well thought through content strategy can take your marketing results to a new level your whole company. 65% of the most successful content marketers all have a documented content strategy. 

Even if you find out what kind of content you want to publish, you still have to make a strategy for it to be sure that the right content reaches the right audience. 

To find the right strategy, a good start is to go through what kind of content that works for your company. From that you can set up content goals which you can refer to when designing the right content strategy. 

Companies have different goals with their content and two content strategies are never the same. The strategies always change depending on the company and it’s specific obstacles. 

When you are making your content strategy you should also have in your mind to combine it with SEO. Even if you have great content, you still have to work with it through SEO to get ranked high on Google. Since almost every company want to get ranked high on Google it’s important for you to both invest in good content, content strategy and in SEO. 

A crucial thing to do no matter what content strategy you have is to update your platforms. You have to publish posts regulary to keep your audience interested in you and your company.

The more you want to be seen the more you should post. If you want to post often it’s not easy to come up with good content ideas all the time. What you then could do is to repost some content that you have written about before. Sometimes it’s good to refresh your audiences memories, but you should always add some new content so that each post get a little bit various. 

Another great tip is, if you aim to make slightly longer pieces of content, such as a video, you can then cut that video into multiple pieces of micro content to tell your story in pieces across all of your platforms over a period of time. This is a great way to repurpose your content.

6: Interact with others

Even though you want to promote your company and your products it’s sometimes good to reference to others. What you can do is to mention some other company or person with knowledge in the area, and then either quote them or link to their site.

While you are doing this you should also send out an email or contact this person on their media channels to let them know that you mentioned them in your content and see if they do allow it. In this way you have an opportunity to be mentioned on the other brands sites, since you mentioned them in yours. If they would mention you as well, their audiences might come and visit your site and your audience grows.

Your content matters

Now you have started your content marketing strategy, focusing on video marketing will really propel your marketing efforts as that is where all social media platforms want brands to create! This is make 2019, your best year in content marketing so far!

Just think about being personal all the time and think outside the box for new strategies to implement. Remember that your potential customers wants to know you first before buying your products. 

If you want to learn more about content marketing strategies or other digital marketing strategies, contact us on Kyler films and we will be happy to help! 


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